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The diversity of dental implantation techniques

December 24, 2019 | Blog | No Comments

dental implantation techniques

The dental implants are the modern procedures to replace the broken teeth with a new one, which resembles all the functions and also physically the same with the natural teeth. One can find a wide variety of dental implants in the dental market, and hence the dentist can guide the people in selecting the right dental implant. People from Canada can book their appointment to the century stone dental and can meet the expert dentist who can review the condition and offer the best medical treatment from their side. Let us discuss more on dental implanting types and techniques briefly in this article.

The different types of dental implantation
1. Endosteal
The Endosteal type of dental implant is the primitive form of dental implants. Endosteal dental implant technique uses the small titanium screws and also tops the list when we go with the everyday use of the dental implant.

2. Subperiosteal
The Subperiosteal dental implant is operated either on the gum or on or below the jaw-bone. Generally, the people without healthy jaw-bone go for this type of dental implant as they don’t for the bone augmentation surgery can go for the subperiosteal dental implant

The techniques to rebuild or formulate the jaw-bone for the surgery
The doctors don’t perform dental implantation surgery for the patients who don’t have a proper and healthy jaw-bone. The jaw-bone can be optimized in the appropriate shape with various techniques to fit inside and can be made appropriate for the surgery.

The various techniques involved to make the jaw-bone fit for the surgery are

  • Bone augmentation
  • Sinus lift and
  • Ride expansion

Bone augmentation

The bone augmentation process is defined as the restoring of the bone, which is not compatible with accepting the dental implantation procedure. The research scientists and dentists recommend the use of additives, which can healthily grow the bone, and hence this procedure has a proven record of producing better results.

Sinus lift
People who have missing back teeth and the jaw-bone need this type of treatment. In the sinus lift or sinus augmentation the dentists add bone to the patient on the upper part of the sinus.

Ridge expansion
Some people may not have an elongated jaw, and hence it cannot provide the needed support to the dental implant; thus, creating the space or a small ridged with the help of the bone grafting materials is called the ridge expansion.

The 3D imaging and the treatment planning
Proper planning plays a crucial role in maintaining the hundred percent accuracy in the dental field. With the help of 3-d imaging, which is a boon from the digital media field, the planning for the dentist has become more efficient and precise. Dental implanting software makes the process simple and highly predictable. The dentist can analyze in a better way before performing the surgery to produce better results, which can save money, energy, and time.